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Moving with a young baby or child can appear overwhelming, but with proper planning, you can make the transition into a new home a smooth one.

Here are 5 quick tips for an easier move.

1. Pack personal belonging and items you need into your own vehicle. Think about your everyday go-to items that you need for eating, sleep, personal care, play, etc. If you set these items aside you won’t have to worry about searching through boxes for the items you need.

2. Ask that the crib/bed be one of the last remaining items packed onto a moving truck. Last to go on is the first thing to come off.

3. Make sure the temperature of the home is comfortable.

4. When movers start unloading, choose a dedicated person to set up your child’s room first.

5. Divide and concur. If possible, have someone manage the move while you and your child spend the day with a family member or friend until your home is ready.

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