SEPTEMBER 28, 2019
selling with baby
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With the arrival of a new child, come changes to everyday life. It’s not uncommon for new parents and homeowners alike to decide that their space no longer suits their lifestyle. For many parents, selling a home can appear to be disruptive and stressful.

Selling a home with a new baby or young child does not have to keep you up at night. With proper planning, it can be accomplished with relative ease.

To help all us parents with how to manage, we spoke with sleep expert and Founder of WeeSleep™, Janey Reilly, for some suggestions on how to manage selling a home with young children.

Q. We discussed our ideal viewing schedule with our REALTOR®, but we know we will need to make exceptions, especially in the evenings. Do you have any tips on maintaining our child’s sleep schedule while selling a home?

A. I suggest having a backup plan just in case you have a showing after 7 pm (a typical bedtime). Have the grandparents or an Aunt + Uncle on backup duty with a sleep space set up in case there is a scheduling disruption due to the showing. If it’s not an option for your child to keep sleeping there through the night, at least they can go down to sleep at Grandmas and then you can always transfer to the car asleep later on, drive home, and right to bed. The other option is to feed and bathe your child, get their pajamas on, head out to the car, and hope your child falls asleep on the drive. You can transfer them to the crib or bed once the showing is over.

Q. My child only sleeps in a quiet room, but we have a showing and need to leave the home. Do you have any tips on what we should do?

A. You should always have an alternate place like the grandparents or another family member where there is a crib and dark seep space ready to go. I also suggest a “car kit” that has a pack n’ play, sleep sack, GRO Blind, white noise and a snuggle buddy or blanket so you can easily make a sleep space wherever you go!

Q. When showings occur, I know it’s best to leave the house and provide potential buyers and their REALTOR® with access. If you were moving with a young child how would you fill your time?

A. Playgroups, moms groups, and activities, HOME FOR NAPS, and visits with family and friends are also a nice way to fill your time and also take the stressful moving thoughts away! Like, when am I going to pack all this stuff? Or when are we going to sell? What if we don’t find a new home we like? etc.

Q. My house is sold, but after all the showings I feel like my child’s sleep schedule is ruined. What should I do?

A. Hunker down and get back on track! Commit to being home and honouring your child’s sleep needs. Know that it may take some time, but you need to commit to the process and our little one’s sleep should be back on track within a week or two! Be patient and don’t throw in the towel!

Clearly selling a property with a young child can be disruptive, but by following WeeSleep’s™ advice you can help minimize the challenges of changes to your child’s sleeping schedules. Nesting Effect adds yet another element to assist you while selling a property with a child. By utilizing the service, you will have a complete guide on how to prepare and maintain your home during the sale process. By staying organized and ready for showings, you can spend more time with your child, working around their schedule, and minimizing the disruption to their sleep.

WeeSleeps™ team of Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultants, helps parents around the globe who are having challenges with their baby and toddlers sleep by providing a very personalized and high level of professional support to aid them in becoming independent sleepers. WeeSleep™ is for exhausted families who want their babies sleeping properly. WeeSleeps™ methods are guided, loving, and gentle.

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