NOVEMBER 30, 2019

A home is one of the most important and expensive purchases consumers will make, and a home inspection is a great way to discover the overall condition of that home. Home inspections provide both buyers and sellers with an opportunity to understand a homes’ condition and what issues need to be rectified.

To help us learn more about home inspections we spoke with Gavin Caleb – CHI (Certified Home Inspector), Owner of Home Inspection Perfection to give us some guidance on the topic.

Q. What are the primary benefits of getting a home inspection?

A. There are a plethora of benefits and reasons for a home inspection. These will depend on the type of inspection you require, some of which are discussed within this article (e.g. TARION, Pre-Listing and/or Pre-Purchase).

With all of our inspections, there is an element of education for the client with regard to the property and its components. We also discuss maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of the home. We take our time to address any questions, as big or small as they may seem. The inspection is a great time for homebuyers to ask questions. After the inspection, we are also available for any questions clients may have.

Q. If someone is selling their home should they consider a pre-listing home inspection?

A. Pre-listing Inspections are gaining popularity for several reasons.

1) It gives the current homeowner insight on the deficiencies of the property. This is beneficial as it gives them time to fix these issues before hitting the market.

2) Secondly, it can justify the price of the property, given that the current homeowners have inspected and then listed it knowing that the property needs certain items, such as a new roof and/or windows, etc.

3) Furthermore, it can facilitate the sale of the home by potentially eliminating one of the two main conditions within the purchase agreement. Most buyers also see this as being proactive as a seller and it may also save them (the buyer) time and money.

Q. What are the most common items that will appear on a home inspection report?

A. There are a multitude of findings during any given inspection. I always tell clients that no home is perfect but we want to ensure they are making an informed decision. Common findings also vary by season, region, area, and age of the property.

With that said, the most common items in general are – foundation settlement cracks, lifting/missing shingles, and more recently condensation issues within the attic space.

Q. What are a couple of simple things that homeowners can check themselves?

A. During inspections, we as inspectors are not obligated (according to the standards of practice) to test appliances, so I always encourage the homeowner to do so and with a good realtor they put a clause in the agreement to ensure all appliances are working upon closing. Cosmetically scan the foundation walls (interior and exterior) looking for cracks. Scan the ceilings within the home, especially under bathrooms, to see if there are signs of repairs and/or water staining. Other than that, leave the rest to us and we’ll make sure you’re making an informed decision.

Q. If someone purchases a new-build should they get a home inspection?

A. Absolutely! The main reason being that although the builder is obligated to fix certain deficiencies, they will not fix anything unless they are informed. There is a TARION construction performance guideline document that we are well educated on that outlines the allowances that builders can have for installing the various components within the home.

Homes are manmade and lead to a margin of human error. A TARION inspection ensures that these deficiencies are identified and brought to the builder’s attention.

At Home Inspection Perfection we provide the homeowner with two reports. One is a TARION submission which can be added as an attachment onto your TARION website submission and the other is a PDF document with pictures that they can reference should the builder need clarification.

Q.What are some qualities someone should look for when hiring a home inspector?

A. There are many but I always encourage clients or even potential clients that call us to ask these two main questions.

1) Are they certified?

Presently in Ontario, there are no regulations for inspectors. If they are Certified it ensures that the inspector(s) have formal education within the profession from an accredited college.

2) Are they insured?

All professional inspectors should carry Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance. This is to protect both the inspector and the client. Furthermore, getting E&O insurance is not easy as there are credentials that are required to even be considered eligible to be insured, such as being certified and affiliated with an organization (e.g. INTERNACHI, OAHI, etc).

The inspector you are speaking to should be experienced, knowledgeable, and have good customer services skills.

Based on the answer to the questions and your interactions with the inspector, you should feel comfortable with your decision to choose your inspector.

At Home Inspection Perfection we have over 20+ years architectural, structural and construction experience. We work with government organizations, property managers, investors, builders, home modification, and construction companies throughout the GTA.

With over 3500 inspections performed we are knowledgeable, experienced, and respected within the inspection community and service many areas from Barrie to Ajax to Niagara.

If you are local to the Halton Region in Ontario, Home Inspection Perfection offers a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. For more information on Home Inspection Perfection visit www.homeinspectionperfection.ca or call 647.404.9981. 

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