OCTOBER 27, 2020
Whether you are planning on selling your home or not, creating a feature wall is great way to transform a space – as well as add value. From design, material and color selection – there is truly an art to creating an exceptional feature wall.
To help us learn more about feature walls, we got in touch with Greg, Owner/Artist from Broken Skull Designs.
Q. What is a feature wall?
A. To me, a feature wall is any wall in your home or office that gives an emotional or visually pleasing response. This could be something a simple as a photo wall of family pictures, or a custom piece of wall art like my designs. 
Q. Why should someone add a feature wall to their home?
A. Whether it’s to add some character to an otherwise blank area, increase resale value of a property, or to add a bold statement piece to your home, an accent wall is a great wall to make a big impact to any room 
Q. What are some current trends in feature walls?
A. I am personally tired of the old traditional box wainscotting look. That trend has ended. The new trends to me are more unique with modern accents like my geometric accent walls. 
Q. What are the various materials Broken Skull Designs uses to create feature walls?
A. For most of my designs I use MDF, which is the same material for baseboards and crown moulding. I also use real Canadian barnwood for a more rustic looking accent wall.
Q. How can someone decide which wall would be suited as a feature wall?
A. I suggest choosing only one wall per room in your home. The best areas are where you would spend most of your time, living rooms and bedrooms are the top choices.
Q. How could a homeowner strike a balance between adding a unique feature wall that is both neutral – yet add enough value to boost home value & attract buyers?
A. If your goal is to sell a home with an accent wall as a major feature the best and safest bet would be to choose a design that blends well with the decor you chose for staging and choose a more neutral color to appeal to a broader audience. At the end of the day, you won’t please everyone with your design or color choices, but for the right buyer, the accent wall could be the tipping point for them to purchase your home!
Q:  What colors do you suggest for an accent wall?
A: I suggest going bold and colorful! The great thing about my accent walls is once the design is up and completed, the wall can be painted a different color anytime. That is a great way to keep your home feeling new and refreshing.
Q: How long does it take to create an accent wall?
A: On average all my projects are one day builds. I have perfected my craft over 15 years and am proud to be able to provide efficient and detailed installs. 
Q: What is the best way to reach you for a quote?
A: I am exclusively on Instagram and that’s the best place to reach me. Send me a message with the measurements of any wall you want to do and I will provide you with a free online quote right away.

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Happy Nesting!

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