APRIL 12, 2021

Whether you are own, rent, or are living with family, creating spaces that make you feel comfortable and happy is so important. If you are selling – presenting a household that is neutral yet sparks emotion is a great way to have buyers connect with your property.

And, like many of you, being home during a pandemic has made me focus more on reinventing our space.

From your living room to your bedroom, décor that speaks to you is not only trendy but the perfect choice to update a space. Words or images have an incredible way of evoking feelings to inspire, empower or simply make you smile!

If you haven’t met Amber at Pink Lemon Décor I encourage you to visit her website and learn more about her shop and incredible products. Pink Lemon Decor produces high-quality handcrafted wood signs, prints, and curated décor goods for the modern home. Pink Lemon Décor also provides printable art which is an easy and affordable way to instantly update your space with style. In 2019 she launched a mobile boutique- a vintage 1975 pink camper that she has been traveling the province in since selling out of this one-of-a-kind camper shop! 

We sat down with Amber who opened the doors to Pink Lemon Décor 5 years ago to learn more. 

Q. Why is wall décor an important part of making a house feel like home?

A. Art is like the jewelry of the home- it turns a regular space into an elevated room! It allows you to choose pieces that are meaningful and add character. Art is one of the most personal items you can add to a room. 

Q. What are the different types of products you offer? 

A. I offer digital and physical prints, wood signs, and canvas signs. Our Wildflower Collection is a curated line of my favorite things or collaboration items ranging from stationery, home decor, and more! It’s always evolving and new things are added all the time.

Q. What are some current trends in wall art/decor? 

A. Minimalist design such as simple typography. Vintage prints will classic style and grouping small-sized prints for gallery walls. Lots of neutral palettes and watercolor paintings are also being seen in homes everywhere.

Q. What are the primary benefits of digital prints?

A. Cost and ease of use! Digital prints are a fraction of the cost and you can easily customize to the size of print you need for your frames. They offer less of a long-term commitment too, you can swap them out when you need a refresh or change of season. You can choose to print from home, a local print shop or a print and frame all in one. Some prefer to use regular paper which keeps costs low and others like the feel of premium paper but having a digital copy allows you to decide what suits your budget. It really gives ultimate flexibility.

Q. Do you have any tips for creating a custom gallery wall?

A. My biggest tips are to gather all your frames first and lay them out and rearrange them before committing to the wall space. You can use craft paper to trace out the frame sizes and hang them on the wall as a template too. Don’t create too many rules for yourself here- mix up styles, frames and do what makes you happy. I have some that are perfectly aligned and spaced 2 inches apart and others that have no rhyme or reason. It all works!

Q. What are some other ways that you can display art?  

A. I love using magnetic wooden frames that clip onto prints to be hung on the wall for a different look. Shelf styling is a must- endless options here!  Layer different sized art in front of each other for added depth over a fireplace or mantle. Most opt for framed styles but consider printing your art on a canvas for a different look.

Q. What are the best ways to keep your décor relevant if you don’t want to constantly update your home with different pieces? 

A. Stick with neutral pieces that will live on with you. Vintage prints are easy for this as they have “lived” the times and trends and still around. In typography, stick with classic quotes or poems. 

We invite you to browse through her website pinklemondecor.com and contact them with any questions at hello@pinklemondecor.com.

Use code NESTINGEFFECT for 10% off your order!

Happy Nesting!

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