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JUNE 21, 2022

⚪️What’s the best white paint?

There are many white paint colors to choose from. But, we rounded up 3 top choices for 2022 by @benjaminmoore

1. Swiss Coffee – a beautiful warm white that pairs well with warm hues. Designers like Studio McGree often pull back on the strength of the color to 75% when purchasing.

2. White Dove – is a fan favourite. With a cooler grey undertone – this white feels like a classic that you want to turn to again and again!

3. Creamy White– This white has a stable tint of cream that at 75% may offer the perfect balance for those loving that beige is slowly coming back into style.

Happy Nesting!


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APRIL 12, 2021

Whether you are own, rent, or are living with family, creating spaces that make you feel comfortable and happy is so important. If you are selling – presenting a household that is neutral yet sparks emotion is a great way to have buyers connect with your property.

And, like many of you, being home during a pandemic has made me focus more on reinventing our space.

From your living room to your bedroom, décor that speaks to you is not only trendy but the perfect choice to update a space. Words or images have an incredible way of evoking feelings to inspire, empower or simply make you smile!

If you haven’t met Amber at Pink Lemon Décor I encourage you to visit her website and learn more about her shop and incredible products. Pink Lemon Decor produces high-quality handcrafted wood signs, prints, and curated décor goods for the modern home. Pink Lemon Décor also provides printable art which is an easy and affordable way to instantly update your space with style. In 2019 she launched a mobile boutique- a vintage 1975 pink camper that she has been traveling the province in since selling out of this one-of-a-kind camper shop! 

We sat down with Amber who opened the doors to Pink Lemon Décor 5 years ago to learn more. 

Q. Why is wall décor an important part of making a house feel like home?

A. Art is like the jewelry of the home- it turns a regular space into an elevated room! It allows you to choose pieces that are meaningful and add character. Art is one of the most personal items you can add to a room. 

Q. What are the different types of products you offer? 

A. I offer digital and physical prints, wood signs, and canvas signs. Our Wildflower Collection is a curated line of my favorite things or collaboration items ranging from stationery, home decor, and more! It’s always evolving and new things are added all the time.

Q. What are some current trends in wall art/decor? 

A. Minimalist design such as simple typography. Vintage prints will classic style and grouping small-sized prints for gallery walls. Lots of neutral palettes and watercolor paintings are also being seen in homes everywhere.

Q. What are the primary benefits of digital prints?

A. Cost and ease of use! Digital prints are a fraction of the cost and you can easily customize to the size of print you need for your frames. They offer less of a long-term commitment too, you can swap them out when you need a refresh or change of season. You can choose to print from home, a local print shop or a print and frame all in one. Some prefer to use regular paper which keeps costs low and others like the feel of premium paper but having a digital copy allows you to decide what suits your budget. It really gives ultimate flexibility.

Q. Do you have any tips for creating a custom gallery wall?

A. My biggest tips are to gather all your frames first and lay them out and rearrange them before committing to the wall space. You can use craft paper to trace out the frame sizes and hang them on the wall as a template too. Don’t create too many rules for yourself here- mix up styles, frames and do what makes you happy. I have some that are perfectly aligned and spaced 2 inches apart and others that have no rhyme or reason. It all works!

Q. What are some other ways that you can display art?  

A. I love using magnetic wooden frames that clip onto prints to be hung on the wall for a different look. Shelf styling is a must- endless options here!  Layer different sized art in front of each other for added depth over a fireplace or mantle. Most opt for framed styles but consider printing your art on a canvas for a different look.

Q. What are the best ways to keep your décor relevant if you don’t want to constantly update your home with different pieces? 

A. Stick with neutral pieces that will live on with you. Vintage prints are easy for this as they have “lived” the times and trends and still around. In typography, stick with classic quotes or poems. 

We invite you to browse through her website and contact them with any questions at

Use code NESTINGEFFECT for 10% off your order!

Happy Nesting!

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FEBRUARY 16, 2021

Do you have children in your home?

Whether you are planning on selling your home or not, if you have children, many of you can appreciate a functional and organized play space.

And, if you are planning on selling, you may know the headaches of trying to maintain a tidy home with children. It can be hard to strike a balance between being in show ready condition and keeping kids happy and entertained.

That is where Be In Wonder Design can step in.

Owner, Vanessa Silva is a teacher who plans, designs, and organizes children’s spaces to spark wonder, inspire creativity, and support early learning. With over 10 years experience as an Early Childhood Educator and Kindergarten Teacher, her credentials and hands on opportunities have provided her with the knowledge and insight into early learning and children’s development. With years of classroom experience as well as time at home with her own boys, she has gained insight into how children play and interact with each other as well as the type of environment that stimulates optimal play and learning.

With that having a young child myself  I HAD to sit down and chat with her, and get her insight on how homeowners could create a functional space that would not only work for their families day-to-day but if they are selling – create a space others will LOVE and be INSPIRED by. And, bonus when they did move – they could easily carry the items/design into their next space.

Q. Why is it important to have a play space for children in a home?

A. Having a play space for children in a home is important for many reasons. Your children are a part of your home. They too deserve to have a space where they feel honoured, represented, and valued. What better way to do this than through their playroom where their most prized possessions, accomplishments, photos, and artwork can be beautifully displayed. A welcoming space that truly nurtures their strengths and interests not only builds their confidence but also creates an invitation to learn, grow, be in wonder and be productive throughout all aspects of learning and playing. 

Q. Why should someone create an ‘organized’ play space for children?

A. Playrooms often become a dumping ground. Having children means that you accumulate a lot of stuff and most of the time it is not by your own doing. Between birthdays, special events, and holidays, loved ones mean well but the gifts become overwhelming especially when you have multiple children.

When I work with clients who have cluttered playrooms I often hear them say things like, “My kids have so many toys but they don’t actually play with any of it“.

An organized play space is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but it also supports your child’s learning. Having an organized playroom creates a sense of calm and it allows children to focus on the toys and materials that are displayed. In turn, children are able to use their imagination and creativity to properly engage with their toys. It also promotes healthy habits in children as they gain a sense of independence and responsibility when tidying up after themselves. Your children will not be the only ones who benefit from an organized play space, I promise!

Q. Do you have any tips for parents who are or will be selling their home in the near future and need to be able to clean up a space quickly? How could they achieve that?

A. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future and are swamped with toys, the first thing I would suggest would be to declutter and purge. Go through all of your children’s toys and materials and begin sorting them into different piles. For example, donations, garbage, and recycling. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any toys or materials that are broken, missing pieces, or no longer serve a purpose. There is a wonderful company in Toronto called Tiny Toy Co.  who upcycle preloved toys. Their goal is to minimize plastic within our landfills and are a great cause to support. Once you have purged and decluttered, I would suggest purchasing some storage bins. The plastic ones on wheels that come with drawers are perfect as you can easily store them in a closet and roll them in and out as needed. You can even take it a step further and label each drawer with a picture and name of the toy that is inside. This way you can keep your children’s favourite toys on display while minimizing the clutter and rotate them as necessary to maintain your children’s interests. 

Q. How could a homeowner strike a balance between creating a functional space and still present the space in a way that attracts buyers? 

A. When it comes to creating a functional space for your own family while still presenting it in a way that attracts as many potential buyers as possible, I would suggest keeping the main colours in the room bright and airy. You want to create an inviting ambiance that allows any potential buyer to envision their own life in that same space. For example, painting the walls in a neutral tone such as Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore allows the space to feel bright, soft, and welcoming. It also allows the potential buyer to visualize how the space would work for them as they are not distracted by bold and bright colours. 

Q. If a homeowner is decluttering and knows they should pack up some toys (but can’t pack them all up), what types of toys should they leave accessible for their kids to play with?

A. If a homeowner is in the process of decluttering and packing up toys for storage but are needing items for their children to play and be entertained, I would highly suggest keeping books, materials that are easily tidied up, and open-ended toys on hand. Open-ended toys are my go-to when designing playrooms for children as they allow each child to enter the play process no matter what stage of development they are at. So if you are a family with multiple children of different ages, this allows all children to be able to engage in the process of play and creativity as they will use the materials however they wish. Some of my favourite go-to open-ended toys can be found here.

Q. What are the top 5 items you suggest incorporating into a play space?

A. My top 5 items that I suggest incorporating in a playroom include:

  1. Open and accessible storage to promote independence. 
  2. Smaller storage bins to sort toys and minimize dumping.
  3. A cozy corner for downtime.
  4. A space that fosters your child’s creativity (ie. art, dramatic play, or LEGO).
  5. An area to display photos, artwork, and accomplishments.

By blending beauty with function, Vanessa plans, designs, and organizes inviting spaces that naturally encourage children to be in wonder, be creative, and engage in endless open ended play. By implementing the most effective educational and organizational strategies into your home or business, children of all ages are able to play, learn, and develop to their utmost potential.

We invite you to browse through her website, shop her go-to items here and contact Vanessa with any questions at

Happy Nesting everyone!

P.S Sign up for Be In Wonder Design’s blog for 10% off any design package.

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OCTOBER 27, 2020

Whether you are planning on selling your home or not, stone counters can add to a homes value. But, sometimes those counters are in need of repair or refreshing. Many consumers assume they would need to be replaced – but that may not be the case!

Whether you have a new appliance that doesn’t quite fit, or have chip/cracks in your stone – Dr. Granite and Marble is the service that you need, and may never knew existed!
To help us learn more about how we can save money by repair/altering existing counters, we got in touch with Chris – Owner of Dr. Granite and Marble to discuss.
Q. Tell us how you got started?
A. I’ve been working in the stone industry for over ten years, since I was 18 years old. I claimed the name as the Doctor of Marble after my peers and customers alike would continuously say I can “heal any wound ” when it comes to stone. Initially, I began my career in a granite and marble shop working standard nine hour days and had no intention of pursuing this as a life long path. However, I soon fell in love with what I now see as the art of stonework and what I could accomplish on that amazing material with my hands. I attribute much of this to the fact that I never had the luxury of using any fancy or high-tech machinery; we simply had a large saw to cut the initial slabs into smaller pieces, and the rest was done by hand. At the time, I absolutely hated this. I consistently heard of C&C machines, water jets, etc., that were capable of doing virtually anything and everything to a degree unattainable by human hands, in a fraction of the time. However, what I once saw as a burden was in fact the very thing that lead to my success and love for this profession. With the lack of these machines I was forced to learn how to do everything by hand, from fixing small chips to cutting and repairing the most complex of tasks. As I began developing these desired skill sets I also realized that almost no one else could do this, as they had all been using the very machines that I lacked to accomplish the majority of their work. This is when I began doing repair work after hours and realized this was what I was meant to do in life. I fell in love with the art of stonework and quickly created a reputation for myself as one of the best in the industry, and this is when my story began.
Q. What type of countertops can you fix?
A. That’s an excellent question to start off on. In addition to any and all types of stone countertops, I can also fix quartz and porcelain countertops. Certain types of quartz countertops, most notably the darker shades of quartz, may present challenges that are unique and difficult to work with. When compared to the qualities that a natural stone such as granite tends to exhibit, quartz countertops react differently and can be nearly impossible to fix if you don’t understand how that particular material behaves. Porcelain also fits in this category, albeit in an even different way as there is a limit to what can and can’t be fixed regardless of experience or skill level. Through my years of hard work and study of countertops I’ve gained both the experience and skill level necessary to accomplish all of these feats.
Q. How long would a repair typically take?
A. The time required to complete a repair is entirely dependent on the job and specific features of the material in question. For example, you can have an identical form of damage on two different materials and the time of repair can either vary greatly, or not at all. Typically, however, for smaller issues such as cracks or chips the time to complete the repair is between thirty minutes to one hour. For larger jobs such as entire corners of a countertop missing or several joints that require both levelling and repairing, the duration of the work can vary from an hour and a half to three hours.
Q. Can an existing under-mounted sink be replaced?
A. Of course; this particular job is one of my most requested! Due to my years of hands-on experience with an absence of any high-tech machinery I can easily replace any under-mounted sinks. In addition to this, I can even change existing top-mount sinks to under-mount sinks, or resize existing under-mount sinks to larger ones.
Q. Can anything be done for counters that are dull or stained?
A. Definitely. Kitchen countertops as well as vanities tend to go through the most wear and tear as those are the locations that always see more traffic and general use. As such, they inevitably develop etch marks, stains, water marks, and the list goes on. As this is one of my most requested jobs I’ve perfected the art of returning your countertops to match their factory finish. Of course, there are certain spots that can never come out as they run through the entirety of the material; however, I make sure that whatever can come out will come out, and will then be finished to a brand new degree. In addition to this, I can also bring the material to whichever finish is requested by the customer, regardless of their current finish: a polished finish, a honed finish, or a leathered finish. Furthermore, during my years of hard work I’ve gained the knowledge and understanding of quartz to a point where I can refinish the material; a task thought to be impossible by many in the stone industry.
Q. What is the “steel rod repair”?
A. The steel rod repair is one as unfortunate as it is common. Many fabricators place a steel rod into the part of the countertop that is located underneath the sink cutout, as it is the thinnest and thus most susceptible part of the material to break during transportation and installation. However, over time the steel begins to rust and compromise the stability of the stone causing it to crack throughout the entirety of the steel rods length. To fix this issue you have to first determine the length of the rod to figure out the size of the cut that is required. Once the size is confirmed, you cut out the desired portion of the stone and take it out. Following this, you must retract the rod and fill the now apparent hole, and finally reinstall the piece and match the new cuts into a seamless transition of solid stone.
Q. If part of a stone counter broke off could it be saved?
A. Yes; this is actually one of my favourite repairs to do! I treat this profession as a painter would a canvas, and I love creating a seamless countertop from what was previously seen as one beyond repair. In situations where, for example, the corner of a countertop breaks off completely I can either use the broken piece, or am able find and match the material consistently to make it look as if the counter had never broken in the first place! 
Q. Aside from counters, do you fix anything else?

A. Countertops are just the tip of the iceberg for me: if it is anything related to stone, I can fix it! The list is nearly unlimited, however, to name just a few I can work on fireplaces, tiles, stone staircases, stone walls, outdoor stone, even marble statues,  and figurines.

Dr. Granite and Marble is the best choice for repairs, installations and restorations of marble, granite and quartz in the Greater Toronto Area. Since they founded their company, they’ve provided service to hundreds of clients and they’ve always provided exceptional service for a competitive price.

Dr. Granite and Marble provides a wide range of services ranging from minor and major repairs to restorations and installations.

Their company has become a trusted name in granite repair, and they regularly work for large clients like Mattamy Homes.

Their services include:

  • Chips/crack repair
  • Joint/seam repair
  • Scratch removal
  • Stain/etch removal
  • Re mount sinks that have fallen
  • Cut out granite for new sink cutouts
  • Cut out new cooktop/enlarge cooktop
  • Cut stone to accommodate new stove/fridge
  • Cut pieces to make smaller
  • Drilling new faucet holes. (Soap dispenser, water purifier)
  • Buff re shine edging
  • Clean and re seal countertops
  • Cut and Install/re-install countertop
  • Make custom cuts to fit your existing kitchen

We invite you to browse through their website and contact them with any questions at

Happy Nesting!

Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

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OCTOBER 27, 2020
Whether you are planning on selling your home or not, creating a feature wall is great way to transform a space – as well as add value. From design, material and color selection – there is truly an art to creating an exceptional feature wall.
To help us learn more about feature walls, we got in touch with Greg, Owner/Artist from Broken Skull Designs.
Q. What is a feature wall?
A. To me, a feature wall is any wall in your home or office that gives an emotional or visually pleasing response. This could be something a simple as a photo wall of family pictures, or a custom piece of wall art like my designs. 
Q. Why should someone add a feature wall to their home?
A. Whether it’s to add some character to an otherwise blank area, increase resale value of a property, or to add a bold statement piece to your home, an accent wall is a great wall to make a big impact to any room 
Q. What are some current trends in feature walls?
A. I am personally tired of the old traditional box wainscotting look. That trend has ended. The new trends to me are more unique with modern accents like my geometric accent walls. 
Q. What are the various materials Broken Skull Designs uses to create feature walls?
A. For most of my designs I use MDF, which is the same material for baseboards and crown moulding. I also use real Canadian barnwood for a more rustic looking accent wall.
Q. How can someone decide which wall would be suited as a feature wall?
A. I suggest choosing only one wall per room in your home. The best areas are where you would spend most of your time, living rooms and bedrooms are the top choices.
Q. How could a homeowner strike a balance between adding a unique feature wall that is both neutral – yet add enough value to boost home value & attract buyers?
A. If your goal is to sell a home with an accent wall as a major feature the best and safest bet would be to choose a design that blends well with the decor you chose for staging and choose a more neutral color to appeal to a broader audience. At the end of the day, you won’t please everyone with your design or color choices, but for the right buyer, the accent wall could be the tipping point for them to purchase your home!
Q:  What colors do you suggest for an accent wall?
A: I suggest going bold and colorful! The great thing about my accent walls is once the design is up and completed, the wall can be painted a different color anytime. That is a great way to keep your home feeling new and refreshing.
Q: How long does it take to create an accent wall?
A: On average all my projects are one day builds. I have perfected my craft over 15 years and am proud to be able to provide efficient and detailed installs. 
Q: What is the best way to reach you for a quote?
A: I am exclusively on Instagram and that’s the best place to reach me. Send me a message with the measurements of any wall you want to do and I will provide you with a free online quote right away.

**** Broken Skull Designs is pleased to offer all of Nesting Effect’s readers & followers $150 off your next project. Be sure to let them know Nesting Effect sent you and use code BSD150off when requesting a quote for an accent wall.****

Happy Nesting!

Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

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OCTOBER 13, 2020

When it comes to decorating for fall, you don’t have to go with traditional colors. If your decor is more on the modern/neutral side you can easily incorporate similar tones into the seasonal items you could buy.

Thankfully there are plenty of quality options available online. You can easily update your space with trendy neutral items without leaving home!

If you are interested in any of these pieces you can instantly shop our top home finds by following Nesting Effect on the LIKEtoKnowit shopping app.

Happy Nesting!


Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

*Nesting Effect is a registered ‘Amazon Associate’ & ‘LiketoKNOWit Influencer’. Nesting Effect earns commission from qualifying purchases linked on this page.

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OCTOBER 4, 2020

We had a client contact us yesterday and ask for some suggestions on gold hardware they could buy on Amazon. Thankfully there are plenty of quality options available online. You can easily refresh your space with trendy gold hardware without leaving home!

If you are interested in any of these pieces you can instantly shop our top home finds by following Nesting Effect on the LIKEtoKnowit shopping app.

Happy Nesting!


Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.


*Nesting Effect is a registered ‘Amazon Associate’ & ‘LiketoKNOWit Influencer’. Nesting Effect earns commission from qualifying purchases linked on this page.


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MAY 8, 2020

Mother’s day is just around the corner. If you are looking for a easy and cute DIY project to to with your young kids, try this out!

What you will need:

1- Kid-safe craft paint

2- Paper

3- Frame

Happy Mother’s Day!

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MAY 1, 2020

Whether you have a residential or commercial property, proper exterior maintenance is important. Not only does it help with the durability of a building but it can also improve curb appeal, resulting in a higher property value and a higher probability of a sale. 

Although it can be tempting to take on many of these tasks alone, hiring a professional to maintain the exterior of a property definitely has its benefits. There are a number of things to consider when hiring someone, but with the right professionals in your corner, the benefits can be worth it.

We spoke with Terry, Owner/Operator of Men in Kilts – Kelowna to give us some guidance on the topic.

Q. Why are cleaning gutters so important?

A. Keeping gutters clean allows run-off water to flow freely and reduces backed-up water from leaking and rotting your home.  Clean gutters eliminate areas that pests and critters can live.

Q. What are the advantages of hiring a professional to clean gutters?       

A. We have the right tools, the knowledge and we guarantee our work.

Q. Why would a home need a professional wash?

A. A regular house wash with a pressure washer will help with removing dirt and debris and can add curb appeal to your home.  Doing a soft wash with a low-pressure washing, soft bristle brush, and soap will help to remove mold and mildew.

Q. Can you tell us more about Moss Maintenance?

A. Moss Maintenance is also very important for your home. 

If you have moss growth it will always grow back if not taken care of, so taking some steps to curb the growth and prevent new growth is important for the state of your roof.

We have many different ways to deal with the moss on your home and it is all dependent on your needs. All quotes include a free home visit and are no obligation at all.

Q. If someone didn’t clean their windows what could happen?

A. Windows that are not cleaned regularly can develop deposits of minerals and debris.

Cleaning windows regularly can help brighten your home as well as help heat your home naturally, which can save money on your energy bill.

Q. What are the benefits of hiring Men in Kilts vs another company? 

A. The Okanagan has a lot of great window cleaning companies.  We are qualified and insured for both our employees and your home.

Q. What area does your location serve?

A. We serve from Vernon to Osoyoos and everything in between.


Their professional, kilt-wearing technicians are proud to offer interior and exterior window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and house washing for residential and commercial properties.

We invite you to browse through their website and contact them with any questions. 

For additional information on Men in Kilts visit There are locations all across Canada, but if you are local to Kelowna be sure to connect with them at or


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a conversation (1)

Conversation with Nicole Graham from Nesting Effect:

Presented by Quarantined Chicks

Nicole Graham from Nesting Effect gives 3 tips that are guaranteed to freshen up your home and give it that spring touch it deserves!

Nicole Graham is the founder of Nesting Effect which is a remote staging service offering REALTORS® & homeowners online consultations on how to stage, organize & prepare properties for sale or rent.

In this video, Nicole provides some insider tips that you can do to your home to get it ready to sell/rent, and if you’re not in the market – use these tips to just spruce your space up while in self-isolation

@Quarantinedchicks: Nancy & Sarah. Two 👯‍♀️ separated by a pandemic, looking to stay connected, learn, and inspire through laughter, food, and conversation.


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