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APRIL 25, 2020

Conversation with Nicole Graham from Nesting Effect:

Presented by Quarantined Chicks

Insider tips on staging your home from NESTING EFFECT.

Nicole Graham is the founder of Nesting Effect which is a remote staging service offering REALTORS® & homeowners online consultations on how to stage, organize & prepare properties for sale or rent.

In this video, Nicole provides some insider tips that you can do to your home to get it ready to sell/rent, and if you’re not in the market – use these tips to just spruce your space up while in self-isolation!

@Quarantinedchicks: Nancy & Sarah. Two 👯‍♀️ separated by a pandemic, looking to stay connected, learn, and inspire through laughter, food, and conversation.



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FEBRUARY 15, 2020

Q & A Session with Nicole Graham as featured by Milton Blinds


Q: How important is a first impression of a home for sale?

A: First impressions are paramount when selling a home. Buyers often decide on a house within the first two minutes. It begins when pulling up to the property, hence why curb appeal is an important factor to consider. Once they enter the home, the potential buyer will decide very quickly if they like it. Of course, a buyer’s opinion can change as they walk the home, but it can be quite difficult to modify a first impression.

Q: How important is it to stage a home for resale purposes?

A: A properly staged home can add thousands of dollars to the sale value and reduce the time on the market compared to poorly staged homes. Consumers tend to be drawn to products that present a certain way and appeal to their senses. An example we can all relate to applies when buying fruit at a grocery store. Do you buy the bruised apple or the one that looks shiny and clean? The answer is obvious, and the same rule applies when selling a home.

Q: Does professional staging increase the value of a home and why?

A: It absolutely does increase the value of a home. Buyers have a very difficult time looking beyond a current owner’s furniture and décor. They see those items as part of the home or inspiration for what they’d do to the home. Even though they implicitly know those items won’t be there when they take possession, it appeals to their personal ideals of what their home could potentially look like. For this reason, there is a perceived higher value in well-staged homes. If two exact homes we both listed at the same time, one staged and one not, the staged home would obtain a higher sale value 9 times out of 10.

We created Nesting Effect with the REALTOR® and homeowner in mind, knowing that spending hundreds to thousands of dollars is not always feasible or practical. Nesting Effect is the perfect opportunity to get the staging advice REALTORS® and their clients need at affordable prices.

Q: Are the above 3 questions applicable to rental properties as well?

A: Yes, they are. A long-term rental property that is staged and shows well will obtain a higher rental rate, lower vacancy, and higher quality tenants. The same holds true for short-term vacation rentals. These clients primarily choose a vacation home by viewing properties online. As a result, the pictures they view must show the property in the best possible light. Further, sites like Airbnb and VRBO are very competitive, therefore, staging is of critical importance if an investor wants to maximize their rent and reduce vacancy.

At Nesting Effect, we offer practical guidance as well as maintenance checklists so the owner of an investment property can quickly and effectively get their home back into show condition for the next client.

Q: If someone is overwhelmed with the thought of preparing a home for sale, what is your advice?

A: Preparing a home can and often feels like a daunting task. For homeowners who are taking on most of the preparation, we first suggest devising a high-level plan. The most important part of working through the process is to operate on a room-by-room basis. Do not skip to different areas of the home – finish one space then move on to the next. People who skip from room-to-room often feel more stress and the job will appear to take longer. Feeling progress is a major motivator.

If the job is just too large to take on, we recommend hiring some assistance – whether that’s their Realtor, a decluttering company, or a moving company that offers packing services.

Of course, we highly recommend utilizing a staging service, such as Nesting Effect, to fully capture the essence of the home, maximize value, and reduce their overall time on the market.

For clients who have a need to prepare a home for sale or rent and want a cost-effective guild staging solution Nesting Effect offers the perfect custom solution.

By utilizing pictures of the property, we provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to effectively stage a client’s home – regardless if it is the client or REALTOR® ultimately completing the work. We cover everything from decluttering, decor changes, aesthetic upgrades, room planning, shopping recommendations, home maintenance advice, and open house/showing preparation. All this guidance and advice is at a fraction of the cost of an in-person staging company. Not only are our reports custom and confidential, we believe in the power of staging and the positive effect it has on maximizing our clients’ profits all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Q: Do quality window coverings such as blinds or shutters add value to your home for resale purposes?

A: Yes, absolutely! Adding quality shutters or blinds to a home is one of the best ways to add value to a property. Properly dressed windows can greatly impact the impression of a room and create consistency throughout a home. Quality window coverings will also add to the overall curb appeal of a home. As mentioned earlier, curb appeal is an important factor for first impressions.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Nesting Effect and Nicole on home staging and offering new homeowner’s complimentary in-home consultation services for window coverings.

At Nesting Effect, they understand that organizing and staging a home prior to selling or renting can be a complicated and expensive process. REALTORS® have an extensive list of tasks that require their attention, and homeowners aren’t always well versed in staging concepts. Nesting Effect offers a cost-effective and customized solution to help prepare a home for sale or rent. By utilizing Nesting Effect, both homeowners and REALTORS® will reduce the time to market and increase the probability of a faster and more profitable transaction.

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FEBRUARY 13, 2020
Photo courtesy of Stone Lab

Whether you have a new house you are constructing or are remodeling areas of your current home, choosing the right countertops is very important. It can impact flow, home value, and salability.

Although it can be tempting to look at price alone; maintenance, durability, and design are all important factors when selecting counters. There are a number of things to consider, but with the right professionals in your corner, the process can be seamless.

We spoke with Judy Persaud of Stone Lab to give us some guidance on the topic.

Q. What are the primary benefits of investing in a quality stone company vs going to a local home store?

A. A dedicated countertop company such as Stone Lab specializes in the products they sell, whereas a local home store will provide limited general information and subcontract the work to a local shop.

Dealing with companies like ours is essentially going straight to the source where we are involved in every aspect of the project from start to finish, including our after-sales service.

Q. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to quartz vs. granite/other stone?

A. Quartz is a very durable product. It is composed of one of the strongest minerals on Earth (Quartz), along with some pigment and resins. The amount of Quartz in the mix determines its performance qualities. High-quality Quartz countertops are stain and bacteria-resistant and handle all of the demands of today’s kitchen and workspaces. They do not require any sealants and can simply be cleaned with soap and water. With Quartz you have the benefit of knowing what the slabs will look like and that you can always get enough to complete your project. They will NOT have natural fissures or cracks that will affect the fabrication and performance of the finished product.

Granites are often as beautiful and are available in some beautiful designed created by mother nature. However, selections can be limited for each application. The number of available slabs, as well as the sizes of those slabs, can greatly hinder your choices. Granite is a porous stone and will often have some natural fissures that can affect its performance as a countertop. They require regular sealing and the use of specially formulated cleaners that do not damage the surface or finish. As beautiful as they are, they do not offer all the benefits of Quartz and are often a better choice for esthetic applications rather than those requiring top performance.

Q. What are the best ways to keep stone counters maintained and in prime condition?

A. Granites, Marbles and other natural surfaces require specifically formulated cleaners. Regular household cleaners can etch the surfaces of these products and alter the esthetics. They have to be sealed regularly to resist damage from regular household products such as lemon juice or wine as well as protection from bacterial growth.

Quartz and Porcelain products are not permeable to water and as such will not harbour bacteria or stain in any way. They are easy to maintain and clean. Simply wipe with soap and water.

Q. What are the current trends in counters (colours, styles, etc)?

A. The trends really depend on the look a client wished to achieve. These vary from client to client, region to region and from house to house. With over 1000 selections of beautiful designs and colours available in Quartz and Porcelain, there is always a look that will enhance any room design.

Q. We’re seeing more people mirror the countertops and backsplash with the same stone. Do you recommend this as a design concept?

A. We always find that to be a great solution in a kitchen setting. It creates continuity and reduces the number of materials, which can be very useful in smaller settings. It also provides the same benefits of your Quartz countertop to your backsplash; durability, stain resistance and no grout lines.

Q. Do you think a particular type of stone has more impact on the resale value of a home?

A. We have been seeing a growing trend where Real Estate agents specifically promote Quartz countertops as feature in listings. Builders generally include Generic Granite countertops as standard products and offer Quartz as an upgrade. Therefore, it has helped in creating the added value Quartz countertops bring to a home.

Q. What is the average cost per square foot?

A. It is difficult to generalize as to what it costs. It depends on the design of material used, the layout, the edge profiling details and more. In general, the costs can be as low as $55 per square foot (similar to Granite countertops) and as high as $130 per square foot (similar to high-end Granites and Marbles).

Q. Does your company offer design services for clients? If so, what’s the general process?

A. We definitely offer assistance to clients in our showrooms, as little or as much as they require. Our Toronto showroom is inside one of the largest tile showrooms in Toronto and clients can benefit from having access to all of these additional products in making their selections. Our Oakville showroom is adjacent to our Parent company, Khachi Design Group, and clients there can benefit from access to a library of materials. All clients will have the assistance of our sales staff who are very knowledgeable in the products we offer. The also have the option of enlisting the services of Khachi Design Group if they require comprehensives design services in crafting their dream spaces.

Stone Lab is part of the KHACHI Group of Companies. Ramsin Khachi is a Nationally recognized Design /Build contractor, popular industry expert and television personality. Celebrating over 25 years of success, he has become renowned for generating creative solutions to problems facing the modern-day client. One of the leading Design Experts on CTV’s popular daytime talk show “The Marilyn Denis Show” – Ramsin shares his tips on Construction, Interior Design and Décor with viewers nationwide.

Stone Lab is a comprehensive Quartz, Porcelain, Concrete, Solid Surface and Metal countertop showroom.

Utilizing decades of design and construction experience, they service consumers and industry professionals alike. From conscientious material selections to detailed fabrication and meticulous installation, Stone Lab provides an all-inclusive and thorough countertop service.

We invite you to browse through our websites and contact us with any questions

Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support?  NESTING EFFECT is a remote staging service offering REALTORS® & homeowners consultations on how to stage, style and organize properties for sale or rent. Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

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FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Besides paint, light fixtures are one of our favorite ways to update a home. Updating light fixtures can really transform a space and attract more buyers/ renters.

Good news? You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to elevate your home.

Here is a collection of lights that could make your home stand out amongst the competition.

P.S  LOWES is currently having a sale on lighting!

Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn how we can help you elevate your space.

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JANUARY 19, 2020

This is a story about me and how ‘Nesting Effect’ came to fruition and why I chose the path of entrepreneurship.

A few weeks after this photo was taken my husband and I were blessed with a little girl. She was born a month early, but healthy. We went home within a couple of days of her being born. What came in the months that followed her birth were a lot of questions and concerns. With each passing month, it became more and more evident that her gross motor skills were delayed and Drs wanted to make sure there was no underlying cause. We did what every parent shouldn’t do. Ever. We compared, and then compared some more. Then we worried even more.

It appeared she had mild hypotonia and hypermobility. With this came a lot of Drs visits, occupational therapy and physio (especially at home). Without going into too much detail, her amazing doctors(family, neurologist, pediatricians, and specialists at Sick Kids and Mcmaster Hospital ) ran genetics testing, regular blood work, an ECG, EKG, Xrays, etc. It would sometimes take months for results only to find out that they couldn’t find a reason for her mild hypotonia and hypermobility.

I had been working full time before going on mat leave and made a decision. In order to maintain flexibility and offer personalized care my daughter needed, I had to leave my job. There was no question.

But even in the midst of motherhood comes times where the home was quiet and my mind would wander.

Before we had our daughter I worked in sales and marketing and also did staging on the side. I always loved preparing, planning and analyzing details. Staging was a great outlet for this! Preparing for my daughter’s arrival – ‘nesting’ as its often called – I loved it too. Every drawer was tidy and organized, and every item we were blessed to be given found its place.

The concept of Nesting Effect came to me when I would search real estate listings. Some of it was for staging inspiration and other times I would think of ways homeowners could have made some changes and the presentation could attract more buyers. Maybe staging wasn’t in their budget but what if they were able to be offered affordable help? Maybe they were never offered any advice or help. 

When it came time for me to leave my job my daughter was my sole focus. Luckily as we worked with her we saw positive progress even if it was slow. Our thoughts eased and our comparisons lessened.

The concept of entrepreneurship had always been a dream, but for me, I thought I should go to school, get a job, work hard, find a career, learn what I could, grow and take my vacations.

What I learned quickly though, was that my willingness and courage to drop everything I worked towards for my daughter, also meant I could do something for myself when the time was right. And as things settled and became steady for our daughter I took those opportunities when I could even if it was only during naps and after her bedtime to build something for myself. Nesting Effect was something I was passionate about creating and I was going to see it through.

After countless, and I mean countless hours -whenever I got I chance – I built my offering, my website, everything. Ok, my husband did help when my brain felt fried lol.  But for the most part, I figured things out and hustled my way into creating something that I was proud of and could actually share with others.

Nesting Effect was formed – I am so excited about what I have created and how I can my knowledge and experience to help people.

My goal is to always offer a trustworthy and reliable service, and instill in others the confidence to create a space others will love to call home.

Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

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NOVEMBER 30, 2019

A home is one of the most important and expensive purchases consumers will make, and a home inspection is a great way to discover the overall condition of that home. Home inspections provide both buyers and sellers with an opportunity to understand a homes’ condition and what issues need to be rectified.

To help us learn more about home inspections we spoke with Gavin Caleb – CHI (Certified Home Inspector), Owner of Home Inspection Perfection to give us some guidance on the topic.

Q. What are the primary benefits of getting a home inspection?

A. There are a plethora of benefits and reasons for a home inspection. These will depend on the type of inspection you require, some of which are discussed within this article (e.g. TARION, Pre-Listing and/or Pre-Purchase).

With all of our inspections, there is an element of education for the client with regard to the property and its components. We also discuss maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of the home. We take our time to address any questions, as big or small as they may seem. The inspection is a great time for homebuyers to ask questions. After the inspection, we are also available for any questions clients may have.

Q. If someone is selling their home should they consider a pre-listing home inspection?

A. Pre-listing Inspections are gaining popularity for several reasons.

1) It gives the current homeowner insight on the deficiencies of the property. This is beneficial as it gives them time to fix these issues before hitting the market.

2) Secondly, it can justify the price of the property, given that the current homeowners have inspected and then listed it knowing that the property needs certain items, such as a new roof and/or windows, etc.

3) Furthermore, it can facilitate the sale of the home by potentially eliminating one of the two main conditions within the purchase agreement. Most buyers also see this as being proactive as a seller and it may also save them (the buyer) time and money.

Q. What are the most common items that will appear on a home inspection report?

A. There are a multitude of findings during any given inspection. I always tell clients that no home is perfect but we want to ensure they are making an informed decision. Common findings also vary by season, region, area, and age of the property.

With that said, the most common items in general are – foundation settlement cracks, lifting/missing shingles, and more recently condensation issues within the attic space.

Q. What are a couple of simple things that homeowners can check themselves?

A. During inspections, we as inspectors are not obligated (according to the standards of practice) to test appliances, so I always encourage the homeowner to do so and with a good realtor they put a clause in the agreement to ensure all appliances are working upon closing. Cosmetically scan the foundation walls (interior and exterior) looking for cracks. Scan the ceilings within the home, especially under bathrooms, to see if there are signs of repairs and/or water staining. Other than that, leave the rest to us and we’ll make sure you’re making an informed decision.

Q. If someone purchases a new-build should they get a home inspection?

A. Absolutely! The main reason being that although the builder is obligated to fix certain deficiencies, they will not fix anything unless they are informed. There is a TARION construction performance guideline document that we are well educated on that outlines the allowances that builders can have for installing the various components within the home.

Homes are manmade and lead to a margin of human error. A TARION inspection ensures that these deficiencies are identified and brought to the builder’s attention.

At Home Inspection Perfection we provide the homeowner with two reports. One is a TARION submission which can be added as an attachment onto your TARION website submission and the other is a PDF document with pictures that they can reference should the builder need clarification.

Q.What are some qualities someone should look for when hiring a home inspector?

A. There are many but I always encourage clients or even potential clients that call us to ask these two main questions.

1) Are they certified?

Presently in Ontario, there are no regulations for inspectors. If they are Certified it ensures that the inspector(s) have formal education within the profession from an accredited college.

2) Are they insured?

All professional inspectors should carry Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance. This is to protect both the inspector and the client. Furthermore, getting E&O insurance is not easy as there are credentials that are required to even be considered eligible to be insured, such as being certified and affiliated with an organization (e.g. INTERNACHI, OAHI, etc).

The inspector you are speaking to should be experienced, knowledgeable, and have good customer services skills.

Based on the answer to the questions and your interactions with the inspector, you should feel comfortable with your decision to choose your inspector.

At Home Inspection Perfection we have over 20+ years architectural, structural and construction experience. We work with government organizations, property managers, investors, builders, home modification, and construction companies throughout the GTA.

With over 3500 inspections performed we are knowledgeable, experienced, and respected within the inspection community and service many areas from Barrie to Ajax to Niagara.

If you are local to the Halton Region in Ontario, Home Inspection Perfection offers a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. For more information on Home Inspection Perfection visit or call 647.404.9981. 

When preparing a home for sale, Nesting Effect believes that a home’s value rests not only with its style and design but on how well it has been maintained. Nesting Effect’s Staging Analysis not provides a custom and comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to effectively stage your clients’ home, but we provide valuable home maintenance advice too. Nesting Effect is your go-to service to help your clients prepare a property for sale or rent.


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NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Maintaining an organized home while selling is very important. Garages can often be overlooked by seller and turned into a “storage space”. But for many buyers, a functional garage is a big selling point.

Here are 6 quick tips for a seller to get their garages in order:

1. Clear out the garage first.

2. Sort and store items by category – gardening supplies, tools, car cleaning supplies, etc. Clear bins with labels are a great way to stay organized and help you see what you have in them. Bonus, they are reusable.

3. Review all items checking to make sure nothing is broken, and everything is needed. Donate, giveaway or properly dispose of items you no longer need.

4. Do a deep clean of the garage.

5. If you park a car(s) in your garage, keep in mind the space you need. Set up hooks on walls, if possible, to hang items such as rakes, brooms, shovels, etc. Even bikes can take up a lot of room, and if not being used often, consider hanging them to create more open floor space.

6. Lastly, put everything back. Freestanding shelving units are a great way to keep things organized and sellers can bring them to their next home.

When it comes time to sell a home, Nesting Effect provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to effectively stage a clients home. We cover everything from decluttering, decor changes, aesthetic upgrades, room planning,  shopping recommendations, home maintenance advice, and open house/showing preparation.

We have you and your clients covered. Contact us today to see how we can support your next sale. Email:

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window coverings:
ADDING interest, texture,
and value to a hOME

OCTOBER 15, 2019
Photo Courtesy of Milton Blinds

Whether for decoration or privacy, upgrading your window coverings can add interest, texture, and value to a home. When it comes to making an upgrade to your window coverings, there are several things to consider. 

We spoke with Vikki Rozon, Owner of Milton Blinds to give us some guidance on the topic.

  1. What are the primary benefits of investing in quality window shutters/blinds vs going to a local home store and self-installing?

At Milton Blinds, we offer complimentary in-home consultations that allow us to guide customers to a window covering solution that works best for their needs.  This may be light control, privacy, functionality, décor value, energy efficiency, resale purposes.  Hearing the customer’s needs allows us to ensure the boxes on their checklist are getting checked off. 

We also provide check measurement services.  We measure different ways for different products, along with the depth and check to see if a window is square.  Often it is not, but our expert installers know how to adjust for this.  Different blinds, shades, and shutters require either inside or outside mount installation and there are quite a few framing applications along with different brackets, screws, child safety mechanisms and more.  When working with Milton Blinds, there is no guessing, we make all these decisions for you.

Everything we sell is made to order, meaning that is will fit perfect for your window.  NO extra slats, or improper fitting of a blind and an operational style that you choose.  This may be standard controls, continuous loop, lift and lock, cordless, motorization.

2. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to blinds vs. shutters?

Blinds are at a lower price point and have many textures, colors, and control options to choose from.  Most are light filtering and are simple in design.  Smooth, sandblasted or wood grain looks are available.

Shutters come with a 25-year warranty, are timeless and provide energy efficiency, room diming and a crisp, clean, timeless look.

Both offer different things depending on what is priority for your window covering to have:

    • Resale value
    • Durability for tenant living
    • Décor value
    • Temperature control

Sleekness for uninterrupted views when not in use

3. What are your quick tips for keeping shutters clean and maintain their condition?

One of my favorite tips is to use a fabric softener sheet for dusting shutters in the winter months when the air is dry and perhaps a bit more static.  This helps with deflecting the dust from landing and will increase the time between cleanings.

4. What are the current trends in window coverings?

Shutters remain to be popular however zebra blinds are one of the trending shades, along with roman shades are making a come back.  Anything with motorization is intriguing many customers as well, offering luxury.

Zebra blinds are two layers of fabric that slight over one another in strips of fabric and sheer.  They are super low maintenance, sleek and simple and available with continuous cord loop or motorization.

Roman shades offer a teardrop style when in the up position and flat-panel pleats when lowered, with a colossal selection of designer fabrics to choose from.

5. Do you think a style of shutter/blind has more impact on the resale value of a home? 

Absolutely! 25-year warranty, virtually destructive shutters are proven to increase the resale value of your home.  With no chipping, cracking, peeling, fading, waterproof and fire resistance it is a well known and admired product.  Shutters merry well with all decorating styles.

Other blind or shades are best to keep in neutral colors which will appeal to the masses for preparing your home ready for selling.

We also offer parts, should you want to just repair a couple blinds, shades or shutters when staging your home.

You are welcome to visit our video library with more tips, tricks and trend information regarding window covering and learn how which way your windows faces does play a factor in choosing the right window coverings for your home, learn about top-down/bottom-up options, automation, child safety and more.


If you are local to the Halton Region in Ontario, Milton Blinds is your custom window covering company that strives to compliment and accentuate the aesthetics of your home while meeting your lifestyle needs.

“Enjoy our “shop at home” service, where they can bring samples of a wide variety of window covering products, for coordination with your existing in-home dècor, furniture, and lighting”.

For more information on Milton Blinds visit

At Nesting Effect we understand the costs associated with selling a home. To keep staging costs to a minimum, we suggest keeping and using as much of the homeowners’ belongings as possible.


Where needed, we will provide replacement suggestions for furniture, decor, fixtures, and home upgrades. Our clients also receive high-level recommendations to help increase the salability and attract more buyers or renters. This allows you and your clients to control where the money should be spent.


Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2019
selling with baby
Simply Curate & Co.

With the arrival of a new child, come changes to everyday life. It’s not uncommon for new parents and homeowners alike to decide that their space no longer suits their lifestyle. For many parents, selling a home can appear to be disruptive and stressful.

Selling a home with a new baby or young child does not have to keep you up at night. With proper planning, it can be accomplished with relative ease.

To help all us parents with how to manage, we spoke with sleep expert and Founder of WeeSleep™, Janey Reilly, for some suggestions on how to manage selling a home with young children.

Q. We discussed our ideal viewing schedule with our REALTOR®, but we know we will need to make exceptions, especially in the evenings. Do you have any tips on maintaining our child’s sleep schedule while selling a home?

A. I suggest having a backup plan just in case you have a showing after 7 pm (a typical bedtime). Have the grandparents or an Aunt + Uncle on backup duty with a sleep space set up in case there is a scheduling disruption due to the showing. If it’s not an option for your child to keep sleeping there through the night, at least they can go down to sleep at Grandmas and then you can always transfer to the car asleep later on, drive home, and right to bed. The other option is to feed and bathe your child, get their pajamas on, head out to the car, and hope your child falls asleep on the drive. You can transfer them to the crib or bed once the showing is over.

Q. My child only sleeps in a quiet room, but we have a showing and need to leave the home. Do you have any tips on what we should do?

A. You should always have an alternate place like the grandparents or another family member where there is a crib and dark seep space ready to go. I also suggest a “car kit” that has a pack n’ play, sleep sack, GRO Blind, white noise and a snuggle buddy or blanket so you can easily make a sleep space wherever you go!

Q. When showings occur, I know it’s best to leave the house and provide potential buyers and their REALTOR® with access. If you were moving with a young child how would you fill your time?

A. Playgroups, moms groups, and activities, HOME FOR NAPS, and visits with family and friends are also a nice way to fill your time and also take the stressful moving thoughts away! Like, when am I going to pack all this stuff? Or when are we going to sell? What if we don’t find a new home we like? etc.

Q. My house is sold, but after all the showings I feel like my child’s sleep schedule is ruined. What should I do?

A. Hunker down and get back on track! Commit to being home and honouring your child’s sleep needs. Know that it may take some time, but you need to commit to the process and our little one’s sleep should be back on track within a week or two! Be patient and don’t throw in the towel!

Clearly selling a property with a young child can be disruptive, but by following WeeSleep’s™ advice you can help minimize the challenges of changes to your child’s sleeping schedules. Nesting Effect adds yet another element to assist you while selling a property with a child. By utilizing the service, you will have a complete guide on how to prepare and maintain your home during the sale process. By staying organized and ready for showings, you can spend more time with your child, working around their schedule, and minimizing the disruption to their sleep.

WeeSleeps™ team of Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultants, helps parents around the globe who are having challenges with their baby and toddlers sleep by providing a very personalized and high level of professional support to aid them in becoming independent sleepers. WeeSleep™ is for exhausted families who want their babies sleeping properly. WeeSleeps™ methods are guided, loving, and gentle.

Reach out to your local Consultant for a FREE 15-minute consultation!

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

If you are selling a home it is important to not neglect the outdoor space. More and more buyers are interested in having an outdoor space they can use right away. Outdoor spaces are the perfect area to relax and entertain.

At Nesting Effect we always encourage clients to evaluate the exterior of their home.

Here are a few tips to transform your outdoor space:

1- Declutter. It is important to take note of toys, lawn care tools, ornaments and other miscellaneous items you have left around and put them away.

2- Lawn care is very important leading up to putting a home up for sale. This means removing any debris, maintaining lawns, scrubs, and flowers depending on the season.

3- Creating a welcoming space outdoors is ideal and can easily be completed by ensuring your outdoor furniture is clean, well arranged and you have added textiles such as rugs, pillows, throws etc to complete a look.

4- Clean. This includes everything from decks, patios, gazebos, window and exterior siding and more. Making sure areas are freshly washed down can itself make a big impact on the look of your home.

Not sure where to start? Contact Nesting Effect, we will guide you through what you should do – including helping you decide what should stay and go.


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