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MAY 18, 2020

Up until recently the real estate industry has only known two types of home staging – traditional in person staging and virtual staging. If you aren’t aware, virtual staging is best suited for vacant rooms/homes where a company virtually imports furniture using software. The only advantage of virtual staging is to show what a room could potentially look like if there were actual furniture. The biggest disadvantage with it is that buyers going through the property don’t actually see the room layouts/decor in real time. As a result, virtual staging loses its effectiveness once a buyer visits the property.

Conversely, Nesting Effect is the premier online staging solution for Realtors and homeowners alike. Their service is a completely new approach to home staging. Without stepping a foot into the home, Nesting Effect utilizes pictures of the various spaces that need assistance and provides a detailed, step-by-step, report on how to stage a room. In the majority of cases the homeowner is able to complete the staging themselves, but a Realtor may decide to assist if they so desire.

At its inception, Nesting Effect did not enter the market to eliminate other staging approaches. It’s meant to fill a need where there is a lack of available funds to hire an in-person stager. However, with the onset of Covid-19, Nesting Effect’s service has also proved to be the go-to option for sellers wanting to eliminate the need for unnecessary 3rd party traffic and décor entering their home.

Aside from the methodology, what else separates Nesting Effect from a traditional staging approach? The short answer is cost. Nesting Effect is substantially more cost effective than traditional staging services and virtual staging. For example, to hire a traditional in-person stager for a typical single family detached home will cost the homeowner/Realtor approximately $2000-$5000 depending on the scope of work required. This general cost also makes some assumptions regarding sale timing. The longer the home is maintained with staging items the higher the cost – staging is billed on a consultation basis, initial work completed, and monthly furniture/décor rental fees.

In terms of virtual staging, the typical cost is approximately $40-50 per room virtually staged. Using a typical single-family home that has 6-8 primary rooms, the cost to virtually stage would be approximately $240-$400.

Conversely, Nesting Effect’s pricing starts at $60 for up to 8 rooms staged and it charges no extra fees for hallways, closets and garages. For a large 25 room house, Nesting Effect only charges $125.

However, it’s not all about cost. Quality of work is paramount for home staging. But, there’s a misconception that in order to stage effectively a property must present like a show home. That’s simply not true. A property does not need to look like it belongs in a magazine in order to maximize sale profits. In fact, a properly staged home is more about organization, decluttering, select décor enhancements, home maintenance, and room layout optimization. All of this can be achieved by the homeowner and/or Realtor on their own with proper guidance. This is why Nesting Effect’s reporting is so powerful – it’s a fool proof method for home staging. The report is extremely detailed and provides a customized room-by-room, step-by-step, approach to guide the staging efforts.

As an additional benefit, Nesting Effect as an online company is able to service clients anywhere in North America. Whether you live in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Miami, Chicago, L.A and so on, Nesting Effect can service it. In addition, there’s no need to worry about setting up meeting times with a stager – simply submit a request online, send in your cell phone pictures of the various rooms, and the report will be in your email within 3-5 business days.

Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

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JANUARY 19, 2020

This is a story about me and how ‘Nesting Effect’ came to fruition and why I chose the path of entrepreneurship.

A few weeks after this photo was taken my husband and I were blessed with a little girl. She was born a month early, but healthy. We went home within a couple of days of her being born. What came in the months that followed her birth were a lot of questions and concerns. With each passing month, it became more and more evident that her gross motor skills were delayed and Drs wanted to make sure there was no underlying cause. We did what every parent shouldn’t do. Ever. We compared, and then compared some more. Then we worried even more.

It appeared she had mild hypotonia and hypermobility. With this came a lot of Drs visits, occupational therapy and physio (especially at home). Without going into too much detail, her amazing doctors(family, neurologist, pediatricians, and specialists at Sick Kids and Mcmaster Hospital ) ran genetics testing, regular blood work, an ECG, EKG, Xrays, etc. It would sometimes take months for results only to find out that they couldn’t find a reason for her mild hypotonia and hypermobility.

I had been working full time before going on mat leave and made a decision. In order to maintain flexibility and offer personalized care my daughter needed, I had to leave my job. There was no question.

But even in the midst of motherhood comes times where the home was quiet and my mind would wander.

Before we had our daughter I worked in sales and marketing and also did staging on the side. I always loved preparing, planning and analyzing details. Staging was a great outlet for this! Preparing for my daughter’s arrival – ‘nesting’ as its often called – I loved it too. Every drawer was tidy and organized, and every item we were blessed to be given found its place.

The concept of Nesting Effect came to me when I would search real estate listings. Some of it was for staging inspiration and other times I would think of ways homeowners could have made some changes and the presentation could attract more buyers. Maybe staging wasn’t in their budget but what if they were able to be offered affordable help? Maybe they were never offered any advice or help. 

When it came time for me to leave my job my daughter was my sole focus. Luckily as we worked with her we saw positive progress even if it was slow. Our thoughts eased and our comparisons lessened.

The concept of entrepreneurship had always been a dream, but for me, I thought I should go to school, get a job, work hard, find a career, learn what I could, grow and take my vacations.

What I learned quickly though, was that my willingness and courage to drop everything I worked towards for my daughter, also meant I could do something for myself when the time was right. And as things settled and became steady for our daughter I took those opportunities when I could even if it was only during naps and after her bedtime to build something for myself. Nesting Effect was something I was passionate about creating and I was going to see it through.

After countless, and I mean countless hours -whenever I got I chance – I built my offering, my website, everything. Ok, my husband did help when my brain felt fried lol.  But for the most part, I figured things out and hustled my way into creating something that I was proud of and could actually share with others.

Nesting Effect was formed – I am so excited about what I have created and how I can my knowledge and experience to help people.

My goal is to always offer a trustworthy and reliable service, and instill in others the confidence to create a space others will love to call home.

Do you have an upcoming listing that needs cost-effective step-by-step staging support? Contact Nesting Effect at or visit to learn more.

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